Office and Retails

Office and Retails (from £10.50 per hour)

Optima Clean provides comprehensive office and retail site cleaning across London which includes:

    • Maintenance of all office types from small to large.
    • Both daytime and after hours cleaning depending on client requirements.
    • From 1 day per week to 7 days per week cleans.

A premium office cleaning schedule:

Dust and clean desks and tables.

Dust and clean furniture window ledges, window sills, tops of pictures, radiators, doors, door frames, skirting boards, light switches.

Vacuum clean all soft furniture and all carpet areas.

Empty waste bins.

Toilets and bathroom areas –, clean mirrors and glass, wipe tiles, clean and disinfect sink, toilets, shower change toilets rolls, hand soap and hand towels.

Clean and disinfect all surfaces.

Hoover the floor and wash.

Kitchen areas, wipe outside cupboards, clean hob, clean in/out microwave, clean in/outside oven, clean in/outside fridge, clean sink, wipe washing machine.

Clean and polish any brass and chrome.